Friday, August 29, 2014

Top 5 Summer Activities To Do One More Time

I hate to say it, but it seems like summer is wrapping up its stay. Living on a college campus I see hints of it all around. Graduated students who extend their stays through the summer have moved out, the family dorm is filling up with new faces, undergraduates are popping back up on campus, and the brand new college students are being lead on campus tours with their eager and proud parents trailing after them. It’s exciting to feel everything picking up again but sad to see the end of the season approaching.

My husband scoffed when I mentioned it felt like fall while we were playing with our son on the playground last week. Then the wind blew. The fallen leaves that rattled against the fence were hard to ignore… add that to the cooler weather we've been having (in the 60-75) and yeah, it's safe to say we need to hurry and get in the rest of our summer actives.

 With that said here are my Top 5 Summer Activities To Do One More Time!

  1. Beach Day (or lake, pool, water park, splash pad)

    Enjoy one more day at your favorite water spot.  For us this probably the Boston Common Frog Pond, the ocean in Massachusetts is a little bit too chilly for our little guy, but he loves the fountain water. He will happily splash for an hour in the knee deep water and he never, ever wants to go home.  I know he's going to miss it like crazy once the cold sets in. So spend one more day splashing in the pond, floating in the pool, or laying out in the sun.

  2. Go Apple Picking

    This is one of my favorite end of summer beginning of fall actives.  Go to a farm (you might have to check online to see if there are any near your) and enjoy a few hours harvesting your own food.  It's great to see so much greenery, and you can often have your choice of what your harvesting (depending on the time of year and what is in season) plus coming home with food fresh from the vine is divine!    

  3. Dinner in the canyons w/ s'mores

    This one reminds me of growing up.  We lived in Utah and my dad loved loved loved the canyons, which was great because there were tons of them close by.  We would gather the family and go up to a picnic spot and have tin foil dinners or hot dogs over an open fire, followed by gooey s'mores. Then we talked and play a bunch of silly word games for my mom, she loved 20 questions, and memorization games such as "I'm going camping and I'm bringing... a tent", then the next person would repeat what the first person had said and add onto it, "I'm going camping and I'm bringing a tent, and a sleeping bag" etc.  We always groaned when she wanted to play, but it was memorable and silly. 
  4. Star Gazing

    I love sitting outside on warm summer nights and looking up a the stars.  There is something so calm and peaceful about it.  Grab a blanket and your sweetie or the kids, or both, throw down a blanket and enjoy the magic of the milky way.  If you want to make it extra interesting you can rent a star book from the library and point out the constellations and tell the stories that go with them.
  5. Drive In / Movies on the Lawn

    This goes along with Star Gazing, or at least along with awesome summer nights.  Go hang out with some friends in the back of a pickup at the drive in, or grab some lawn chairs and head to the park.  Enjoy watching a flick in the open air. 
What activities do you want to do one more time before the cold starts rolling in?  Let me know in the comments!