Monday, July 27, 2015

Making Monday's Better! - Monday Giveaway Link Up (July 27, 2015)

Happy Monday!  Welcome to Sly Spoon's Weekly Giveaway Link Up. Let's start the week out right with some giveaways. Stop by every Monday to add your blog's giveaway/s to the linky and to find great giveaways to enter.  Giveaway Link Up will be posted 5AM EDT on Monday and will be open throughout the week. 

Make the Link Up Even Better!  

The more you share the more you care... and the more entries everyone will get for their giveaways. It would be fantastic if you could help spread the word about this Linky through Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media outlet to help us all get a little more press for our giveaways. 

Before you link up please read the following guidelines: 

  1. Consider liking Sly Spoon on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.
  2. Every giveaway should abide by the FTC’s guidelines for bloggers and other social media guidelines (see Facebook’s Promotion Guidelines)  
  3. Your link should go directly to the giveaway, no homepage or affiliate links. 
  4. Giveaway Link Title Field text should be formatted as follows:
    Giveaway Title, Eligibility (US, US/CAN, CAN or WW), Giveaway End Date
    • Example: $25 Apostolic Clothing Gift Card (US) 05/26
      • Any links not following the above format may be deleted without notice. 
  5. Consider sharing the giveaway link up on Social Media. You can share/retweet the following text or come up with some of your own.