Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Apostolic Clothing {Review}

I live in Boston and I suspect that most of you know that winter was brutal here last year. We were hammered with snow for months and the accumulation was often waist high. Needless to say, I’m already beginning to dread the winter season and the months of extreme cold.

Disclosure: Brittney from Sly Spoon received products from this sponsor to facilitate her review, no other compensation was received.

However, knowing that things are going to get cold has made me want to prepare as much for the season in advance as possible and I was lucky enough to find this little number at Apostolic Clothing.


As a reference point I’m wearing an XL in cream and I took these picture about a week postpartum. I think this dress looks amazing as maternity wear, even though it’s clearly not meant as a maternity piece, and I can’t wait to wear it when I’ve moved a bit further past the new baby stage.

This gorgeous maxi dress really takes the maxi dress style up a notch in fancy. It’s long, silky smooth and the lace overlay makes it stunning. This is a dress that can easily transition from church wear to more formal events like dances or weddings.

The midi length sleeves keep it modern while the soft creamy lace makes it elegant. It comes with a long, thick, black ribbon that can be used as a belt and tied however you like it, but there are no loop holes on the dress so you can easily wear it with or without the included belt. I also found that I could dress it up with ribbon style belt or dress it down to be a bit more casual and chic with my own chunky belt. The lacy overlay is lined with a silky material, but I found that in the sunlight it’s a bit sheer so you’ll want to be sure you have slip under it. In any case with it’s longer sleeves and draping skirt it’s a total winter winner!

I was looking over a few of the other amazing dresses at Apostolic Clothing and if you’re looking for some fantastic winter wear look no further. They have got a great selection of dresses that are long, warm, and breath taking. Check out a few of them below.

Apostolic Clothing is a Georgia based company that specializes in modest, modern clothing. I’ve had the chance to work with them in the past and they have always been fantastic and are truly dedicated to their cause of providing an avenue to find modest clothing that you feel and look amazing in. They are adding new items to their site all the time and if you’re looking for the perfect dress the first place you should check out is Apostolic Clothing.

Check out Apostolic Clothing for more great modest winter styles, perfect for Christmas and ideal for winter weather.

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