Monday, January 11, 2016

Cardboard Creations - Easy DIY Playhouse

This is my first post for Cardboard Creations and I'm super excited about it, especially since this craft was really easy and turned out a lot better than I dared to hope for.

Cardboard Creations - Easy DIY Cardboard Playhouse Doghouse

Supplies Needed:
  • 1 large cardboard box (two if you want a roof)
  • Exacto Knife 

Optional Supplies: 
  • Large Plate (will be traced)
  • Book (will be traced)
  • Glue Gun & Glue Sticks (If you want to flip your box inside out to hide the text on it)
  • Paint

Kids seem to have a strange fascination with cardboard boxes and since we live in an apartment complex we have access to tons of boxes of every shape and size sitting near the recycle... turns out they are kind of an ideal crafting material.

And, since my son can't get enough of dogs, I thought it might be fun to make him a Playhouse/Doghouse. 

Cardboard Creations - Easy DIY Cardboard Playhouse Doghouse
Step 1) Create the Roof Flaps
Grab a large box, I stared with an Extra Large U-Haul Box. Lay the box flat, with flaps out. Find the top middle of the small flap of the box and draw a dot, then grab a strait edge (a ruler or book work great) and draw a line from that dot to the bottom edge of the flap, creating a triangle shape. Repeat this step for the other small flap at the top of the box.  Then cut off the outside triangles so you just have the one large triangle in the middle left.

Step 2) Create a Window with Shutters
On the wide side of the box I traced a small book so I could create a window.  Then I drew a line down the middle of it, so my window could have shutters.

I finished it off by drawing two small rectangles right in the middle of my shutters that could be used as finger holds when opening and shutting the window. Use your Exacto knife to cut out the windows leaving the further most sides intact.

It might help to have a book pressed up against the side of your window so that first crease happens along a line and doesn't make your box bow awkwardly.

Step 3) Create a Door
Grab a large plate or book to trace.  I used a plate and positioned it toward the top of the box. I traced the top half of the plate, then used a book to create strait lines to the bottom of the box making a door.

I would also suggest marking a small area to cut a window in the door, this can be used for your child to open and close the door, and to peek through it.  Again, use your Exacto knife to cut out your door shape leaving one side intact.

Again, it might help to have a book pressed up against the side of your window so that first crease happens along a line and doesn't make your box bow awkwardly.

Step 4) Create a Roof (optional)
If you want a roof your going to need another decent sized box.  I found a big flat one, ripped out the seam on it so it would lay flat and then cut a large rectangle sized piece out of it, big enough to cover my whole other box.  Then I bent it down the middle creating a point so it would stay on the box as a roof, but so I didn't have to glue it down.   

Step 5) Flip the Box (optional - only if you want to paint your box)
Lay your box flat and find the seam where your box is glued or stapled together.  Using your knife try to pry apart the glue or staples so that your box can lay completely flat.

Step 6) Reform the Box (optional - only if you flipped your box)
Flip your box inside out, so that the unprinted side of your box is facing outward and glue the seam back together (I used a hot glue gun for this and it worked marvelously).

Step 7) Paint Your Box (optional)
Paint it however you like.

Step 8) Fold the Box
I left the bottom flaps of my box intact and folded them under the box for some additional stability.  I rested the long flaps at the top against the triangle pieces I had cut out and laid the roof across them.  And Bam! The house is ready to enjoy!

Have you made this craft?  What was your experience like and do you have an suggestions to make it better?  I'd love to hear about them in the comments section below. 

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