Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Touring Boston - What to Know About Union Square Donuts (Delicious Eats)

If you're looking for a good and unique food experience you should check out Union Square Donuts.  It's a small donut shop, but it's been named Boston's Best Donuts by Boston Magazine... so, I'm just saying... if you like donuts you really ought to try some of these.

Union Square Donuts (Delicious Eats)

These donuts are handmade, unique, and totally delicious.  The shop for them is pretty small and they often sell out, so if you've got a favorite (like maybe the maple bacon donut) that you're dying to try you had better get there at least by mid-morning.

Someone brought in a box of these donuts to my husbands lab and since that day he's been super excited about going back with us so that we could enjoy some crazy donuts with him.  We went and ended up bring home half dozen which included the following donuts: two Maple Bacon, a Birthday Cake, a Carrot Cake, a Chocolate Covered, and a Vanilla.

Union Square Donuts (Delicious Eats)
Maple Bacon was surprisingly not disgusting, it's got the sweet salty thing going for it and is kind of like kettle corn, however the favorite by far was the Birthday Cake. ... Ha, it was the one we got for our toddler to try since it was covered with sprinkles, but the Birthday Cake donut was still warm and super soft on the inside, but a little bit crisp on the outside and full of goodness.  My husband spent the rest of the day marveling that he had fallen in love with a sprinkle donut that looked like it was made for a two year old. :)

Things to Note:

1. Price
These are fancy gourmet donuts, and you pay for it.  They are about a million times better than Dunkin Donuts, but for us they are more of a special occasion food.  They run between $3 - $3.50/donut

2. Location
You'll probably want to drive here.  I didn't look up public transportation, and I'm sure at least a bus goes near it... but it seems like it could be a lot of effort to take a bus for a donut... on the other hand, these were amazing, so it might be worth it.  They are also sold at a handful of farmers markets around the city.

3. Flavors
They have a whole bunch of flavors to choose from, most of them are pretty unique, and they change all the time.  If you fall in love with a donut buy another asap because there is no guarantee that it will be there next time.

Summary and Rating: ★★★★☆

Four Stars.  These donuts are amazing, mouthwatering works of art... but their brick and mortar store is pretty out of the way and the donuts are fairly pricey.

Have you been here before?  If so I'd love to know what you think of their crazy flavors in the comments section below. 

Union Square Donuts
20 Bow St
Somerville, MA 02143

Phone: 617.209.2257

Tuesday-Friday 7AM - 1PM
Saturday-Sunday 7AM - 3PM