Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Toddler A-Z - 50 Objects That Start with the Letter "E"

Objects that start with the letter E

A group of my friends started doing something we are calling Toddler Time and each week we choose a letter to focus on.  I realized that finding objects that start with the letter of the week can be a challenge and I thought it might be helpful to have a long list of "E" letter objects them on hand.  If I've missed something drop me a note in the comments, I would be thrilled to add even more letter "E" objects. 

  1. Eagle 
  2. Earmuffs 
  3. Earphones 
  4. Earplug 
  5. Earrings 
  6. Ears 
  7. Earth 
  8. Earthenware 
  9. Earthworm 
  10. Earwax 
  11. Earwig 
  12. Easel 
  13. East 
  14. Easter Bunny 
  15. Easter Egg 
  16. Easy Chair 
  17. Echidna 
  18. Echo 
  19. Edamame 
  20. Edifice 
  21. Egg 
  22. Egg Beater 
  23. Egg Nog 
  24. Egg Rolls 
  25. Egg Yoke 
  26. Eggplant 
  27. Egypt 
  28. Eiderdown 
  29. Eight 
  30. Elastic 
  31. Elbow Noodles 
  32. Elbows 
  33. Elderberry 
  34. Electricity 
  35. Eel 
  36. Elephant 
  37. Elephant Seal 
  38. Elephant Shrew 
  39. Elevator 
  40. Elf Emu 
  41. Enchiladas 
  42. Endive 
  43. Engine 
  44. Envelope 
  45. Equal Sign 
  46. Equator 
  47. Eraser 
  48. Eskimo 
  49. Eye 
  50. Eyeglasses

Can you think of any other letter "E" words?  If so please comment and let me know, I'd love to get them added to the list. 

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