Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Fantastic, Little Known, Cambridge Parks - 7 Things to Know About Fulmore Park (aka Sand Park)

Fulmore Park is a tiny park located toward the west end of the MIT campus.  The park is only .4 acres, but for a toddler it's awesome.  We've also heard this park called both the Sand Park, and the Chicken/Rooster Park.

This park is fenced in and split into two main areas.  The water/sand area and the grass/tree house area.

Fantastic, Little Known, Cambridge Parks - 7 Things to Know About Fulmore Park (aka Sand Park)

Things to Note:

Fulmore Park (Sand Park) Playground
1) Parking
There is no designated parking for this park, though you may be able to find a spot along the street.

2) Water Features
This park has two and they are both great for toddlers.  It has a set of three or so mini sprinklers that come out of the ground and reach three or so feet in the air, it also has a water spigot that the kids can pump. The water comes out of the spigot and falls into a metal trough then runs down a long metal shoot into the sand, allowing lots of children to play in the water while one is pumping.

Fulmore Park (Sand Park) Playground
3) Sand
This park has a lot of sand and like many Cambridge parks there are generally community toys there so you can dig and haul water around even if you don't bring your own bucket/shovel.

4) Wooden Blocks
I think one of the most fun and unique parts of this park is the wooden blocks they have there to play with.  There is a storage shed filled with blocks and planks of all sizes that the kids can drag around the park, build with, walk on etc.  It's really fun to see some of the structures the kids come up with and it fun to have something so unique to play with.

Fulmore Park (Sand Park) Playground Water feature
5) Tree House
The park seems fairly well divided into the sand section and the grass section.  In the grassy/shady area there is a large wooden climbing structure built around a tree that the kids can play on and a small grassy area for them to run on.

6)  Day Care Kids
It seems like during the late morning, especially on nice days  (10am-12pm) the park is well used by the local day cares.  There is still plenty of space to play and my son enjoys having other little kids to be with, but if you want a more quite park visit going earlier or later might be for you.

Fulmore Park (Sand Park) chickens
7) Wildlife...ish
I'm not sure who own chickens but a neighbor near the park must and I have seen chickens running around the park many many times.  They don't seem to bug or mind the kids, though I suspect they are not supposed to be there.  Mostly just an FYI, you may come across some chickens flapping around. 

Summary and Rating ★★★★☆

Four Stars.  The park is quite small, but the park and equipment is unique and engaging. When we come we love the soft sand and the fun water features.  This past summer my son finally figured out how to use the water pump and he loves standing on the platform and watching the water come up.  This park is certainly for a younger audience, I would say it would be most interesting to ages five and below, and right now it's perfect for us.

Have you been here before?  If so I'd love to know more about your experience and any tips or tricks you have in the comments section below. 

Fulmore Park (Sand Park) green space
Fulmore Park (Cambridge)
223 Sidney St,
Cambridge, MA 02139

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Fulmore Park (Sand Park) playground

Fulmore Park (Sand Park) playground treehouse