Monday, May 16, 2016

Review - Pacific Baby World 3-1 Insulated Toddler Travel Cup

We live in Boston, and since we live in a big city parking in most places is a nightmare.  We often end up taking public transportation and do a lot of walking. Summers here are hot and I often get concerned about how my son is going to handle being out in the warm weather. I sunscreen him up, he wears a hat and I try to keep him in the shade, but it’s still so hot.

I want to be able to get as much liquid into him as possible and I've found the Pacific Baby all-in-one cups to be a pretty amazing addition to our summer outings.  Not only are they super versatile but the are amazing at keeping drinks cold. Ice cold. In fact, if I add ice to his drink, 4 hours later there are still ice cubes in his cup… Pretty fantastic right?

Here is a brief summary of the benefits of a Pacific Baby Cup:
  • They keep drinks cold or hot for up to 7 hours! 
  • They are a great transition cup and you can upgrade it to meet the needs of your child simply by switching out the mouthpiece on the cup; they have bottle, sippy cup, and straw tops. 
  • They are environmentally friendly (and you only need one cup for a baby through a 5 year old).
  • It’s made out of stainless steel which is good for sanitation. 
  • It’s super easy to clean by hand and they are dishwasher safe. 

Pacific Baby 3-1 insulated sippy cup review

Pacific Baby 3-1 insulated sippy cup review

Pacific Baby 3-1 insulated sippy cup review

Pacific Baby 3-1 insulated sippy cup review

My son never took a bottle, so we didn’t end up using the default top that came with the cup and instead we went straight for the sippy cup top. My boy loved it. It’s soft and flexible, easy to drink from and the cup really is amazing at keeping a drink cold… like to the point I’m a little bit jealous of it. I also love that it comes with lid to cover the sippy cup spout and I can add hand grips to the side if I want them.

Pacific Baby 3-1 insulated sippy cup review

This cup seemed perfect for a few months... and then we noticed a few slight drawbacks. First there was a day I filled up the cup, didn't bother putting the handles on it and handed it off to my son. About five seconds later he was screaming bloody murder because it had slipped out of his hand and smashed his foot.  I believe it hurt. These cups are really sturdy.
The spout on the sippy cup is really easy to invert but kind of a pain to pop back out (and toddler will play with anything they can get their hands or mouth on so our gets inverted fairly often.) The sippy cup top is also really flexible which means my son can easily push the whole spout into the cup if he's playing with it... which of course makes a mess.

Pacific Baby 3-1 insulated sippy cup review

And finally, we found that straw top is not quite as good as the other two tops at keeping liquid in.  If I have the cup in the side holder of my backpack and it's got the straw top on it I can expect to have a slight amount of leakage if I don't keep my backpack upright (the other I could flip in circles and they didn't leak a drop.)


  • Durable Bottle
  • Fantastic Insulator 
  • Changeable tops resulting in less clutter and the need for fewer cups
  • Customizable
  • Washable


  • Heavy
  • Sippy cup top is a little too flexible
  • Straw top is more prone to leaks (though it does have a great built in cover)
  • Price

All in all it’s been a great bottle to have over the summer, and I’m looking forward to being able to use it this winter as well.  I can recommend it as a good product and I think it's worthing having something that can keep your toddlers drink (especially if that drink is milk) cold even when it's 90 degrees outside.

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What are you favorite kinds of cups/sippy cups for outdoor adventures?