Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Touring Boston - What to Know About Mike's Pastry (Delicious Eats)

If you're in Boston one food/place you absolutely must visit is Mike's Pastry  for a cannoli.  Honestly before moving to Boston I don't know if I had ever heard of a cannoli before and I had certainly never tried one, but whenever I asked anyone what I had to do in Boston the answer came back time and time again that I had to visit the North End to get a cannoli from Mike's Pastries.

What to Know About Mike's Pastry (Delicious Eats)

We went out on a Friday night in early fall and enjoyed a walk through the city before getting to Mike's.  There were so many people milling about on the street and stopping in intersections to check maps among other ridiculousness.  I suspect it has lots to do with "the invasion" (what us Bostonians call all the student's coming back after summer vacation).  There are hundreds of thousands of these students filling the city, and for the first couple of days many of them have their proud parents helping them settle in and touring the area... so yeah, things get a little bit busy.

I think that was part of the madness at the North End.  The line for Mike's Pastries was out the door and around the side of the building, but the workers at that place have skills and move people through.  We waited only a few minutes before being directed to one of 8 lines in the store and we were quickly helped and on our way with two delicious cannolies.  I got the chocolate dipped (which was fantastic) and my husband got the moca, which was still good, but not as excellent as my chocolate one.

We ate in a little park with splashing fountains that kids were running through in the dark and since it was a nice night we decided to walk home. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Boston is a pretty fantastic city.  I  Boston.

Things to Note:

What to Know About Mike's Pastry (Delicious Eats)
1) It's Cash Only, Cannoli's are between $3.50-$4/piece.
2) Parking is a mess, the closest "T" stop is "Haymarket" so you'll have to do a little bit of walking.
3) If there is a long line, don't fret.  It moves really fast.
4) Know what you want before you get to the front of the line. This place moves "Soup Nazi" style.
5) Don't plan on eating inside, there are only a handful of tables (maybe 8?) and on the weekend or during cold times they are going to be filled.
6) You can bring a stroller, but know things are tight and the shop is small.
7) There is a new Mike's Pastries open in Harvard Square!

Summary and Rating ★★★★★

Five Stars.  We have really enjoyed embracing the hype about Mike's Pastries and whenever we're in the North End visiting Mike's is a must.  It's fun to be in the middle of something so fast paced and the cannoli's are delicious.  If you visit in the summer there are a bunch of park like green spaces near Mike's that offer a great place to sit down and enjoy you food and if you have children with you they can splash in one of Boston's many splash pads.

Have you been here before?  If so I'd love to know more about your experience and any tips or tricks you have in the comments section below. 

Mike's Pastry (North End)
300 Hanover Street
Boston, MA 02113 USA

Harvard Square
11 Dunster Street,
Cambridge, MA 02138

Phone: 617.742.3050

Hours: Sun-Thurs 8AM-10PM; Fri & Sat 8AM-11:30PM